Brainstorming For Fun and Profit

By: Alexei Kapterev

Brainstorming for fun and profitConcept Map / Mind Map Can Help Structure The Popup Ideas

With the help of Concept Map/ Mind Map, you can structure your messy ideas in the fashion manner on the fly. You must see Sur when he does that. With his typing speed around 50+ WPM (Words Per Minute) and the speed of moving ideas into the correct branch, you will be amazed how your ideas taking shape in written form or drawn explicitly in front of your very eyes. So your wildest idea to become number one in the market in the term of faster, better and cheaper can be realized soon with your solid team working together at the same (mind) map.

Contact his mobile phone number at 0816.118.6693 to arrange time with him to have ‘on the fly brainstorming with MindManager demo‘ at your office for your meeting. He can sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to keep your secret safe and sound.

He will give you the file (*.mmap, *.jpg) or the hardcopy of your ideas that he created. You can email the meeting result (in picture, pdf, powerpoint, word, html format) even before the participants leaving the meeting room (if there is a wi-fi internet connection there). Then he will delete the file completely from his notebook. He will be happy if you just give him a sum of money for his transportation and a cup of warm tea. FYI, he also have short in memory retention a little bit (alias gejala pikun).

When Sur learned Intellectual Property (IP) in Tokyo, he found out that Japan is a very limited natural resources and energy so their future economy should be based on IP thing. The message that Sur grasp is “Japanese companies or people should be innovative and creative or they will die in the hypercompetition era“. That is why Prof. Masayoshi Sumida (Professor of Intellectual Property Law of Tokai University Law School) and his team launch a book about Introduction to Intellectual Property from Kindergarten level, to foster creativity in such young or early age.

Source: SlideShare