7 Golden Rule of Mind Mapping

By: Tim Fulford

I (Tim) have tried to make your 6 days of creation fit the rules of one word per branch. I have to say I like it as an idea to get people really thinking about mapping and it does mean that they have to use links (which many people don’t).

6 Days of Creation
6 Days of Creation

There are 7 golden rules of Mind Mapping as described by Tony Buzan in his books. If these are followed then the whole map will become far more user friendly and far more powerful. However I agree at time it is difficult to get one word per branch.

The 7 golden rules of Mind Mapping are:

1. Central Image/Text

2. Branches organic in shape (which is why MindJet does not work correctly for Mind Mapping)

3. Colour

4. Branch Images

5. Write ON the line so the word is connected and the eye flows along the branch

6. Landscape layout

7. Connect branches

I have not added images as this was just to show you what I meant.

The additional two maps are how I have pushed the map a bit further to show how the same information can be rearranged to give a less complex map. I find that this can often be done after a short period of reflection when Mind Mapping.

PLEASE do not think I am being rude, I just want to help you make your Mind Mapping as good as possible. I try to follow the rules as much as possible but agree at times it is very hard. I used to be  MindJet user until I realised that is does not allow the rules to be followed and it prevents true mind mapping from working. However it is good as a concept tool.

If I can help you any further please let me know and I will do my best!

Source and visit Tim’s blog to view additional mindmaps.