Upgrade Your Necktop Computer

By: Bill Jarrard
Mindwerx International

The human brain is an amazing, constantly changing and growing super bio-computer, more powerful that all the silicon chips in the world. Every day it receives vast amounts of data, which it is asked to turn into relevant information that can then be put to work. The problem is in many of us, the operating system has not been upgraded in a long time. When was that last time you updated your amazing neck-top computer?

In the coming year, little will be more important than every individual, team and organisation having the mind skills to embrace change.

To start your thinking on this, I (Bill) have written a short article (PDF file) and prepared a 6:40 min video presentation on this important message.

How your brain works
How your brain works

Visit Bill Jarrard’s blog@Fuzz2Buzz to view the great video.