A Whole New Mind

By: Luciano Passuello
Bukan zamannya lagi kita berpikir setengah-setengah. Orang (terutama atasan kita) selalu bilang “What is the big picture?” ketika dalam mendiskusikan usulan kita, ia merasa (berhak berkomentar) bahwa apa yang kita coba sampaikan itu belumlah lengkap. Sound familiar? Bila ya, maka buku ini cocok untuk anda dipelajari.
Sesekali cobalah anda bawakan ide anda dalam bentuk Peta Konsep berbasis program komputer seperti MindManager, iMindMap, NovaMind, FreeMind, dll, dan ketika orang lain (termasuk atasan anda) memberikan masukan terhadap ide anda, maka ide tersebut bisa langsung di masukkan ke dalam peta konsep.
A Whole New Mind

Half-a-Mind Is Not Enough

A Whole New Mind is based extensively on the classic left/right brain metaphor — and I must say it’s a very useful one in making the point of the book.

In the last few decades, most of the thriving professionals were those who excelled in “left-brain thinking” — information processing, sequential thinking, analysis, logic, organization, numeric ability and attention to detail.

Lately, however, information is getting easier and easier to acquire. Knowledge that was once locked behind hard-to-earn degrees is becoming widely and cheaply available. In this new world, a great deal of the information processing we performed can now be cheaply automated or assigned to high-qualified professionals overseas — for a fraction of the cost.

Although “left brain skills” continue to be useful, they’re not enough anymore. The rules of the game are changing.

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