Mind Maps in a Week

Mind Maps in a Week

Mind Maps in a Week
By Jane Smith

With a foreword written by Tony Buzan, this book is designed to help the reader understand the art and science of Mind Mapping. Managers can use this approach to explore ideas both quickly and in great depth, while maintaining a clear focus on the principle theme or problem.

The book will enable managers to:

  • Think more flexibly and creatively
  • Record the main points from any book, meeting or presentation
  • Develop skills of learning and remembering
  • Take decisions and solve problems
  • Organise their thoughts and plan more effectively
  • Recall information that they have gathered from any source

About the Author
Steve Morris is managing director of The Burton Morris Consultancy, an agency that has developed new ways of writing for businesses. He is also Director of the Letterhouse- which specialises in letters and e-mails for business. Jane Smith’s company, Word Smiths, produces text and online learning materials. Jane also delivers management and personal development training, including workshops in Mind Mapping, speed reading and memory skills.