Mind-Reading Video Game From NeuroSky and Square Enix

A new era of mind reading video games is upon us…

mind-reading-video-gameJapanese game publisher Square Enix has teamed up with American brain-wave-helmet maker NeuroSky to develop a new game concept which calls upon the power of the mind.

The game called “Judecca” is a zombie-killing first-person-shooter that the player controls with their own thoughts instead of buttons and joysticks.

Judecca ScreenShot
Judecca ScreenShot

Unveiled on Oct 9th and 10th at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 in Makuhari, Japan, the Square Enix development was shown operating on a Windows PC in conjunction with NeuroSky’s MindSet headset.

The newly introduced MindSet is capable of working on variety of gaming platforms including PC, console and mobile.

The headset resembles a pair of headphones with a microphone that touches the forehead. But what at first glance may appear to be a microphone is in fact a single electrode sensor that measures electrical activity in the player’s left frontal lobe.

The sensor registers the current state of relaxation or concentration of players, allowing them to perform a variety of actions within the game.

After concentrating on a glyph that glows in direct relation to your ability to concentrate, you will open up what’s called your “Devil’s Eye”. Only once you have attained a heightened state of concentration, will you be able to see Judecca’s zombies and kill them. Those who can tweak their concentration levels even further will be able to walk through walls.

Currently the game is just a concept and may not be available to consumers anytime soon, however NeuroSky hopes to start selling its Mindset headset in the U.S. next spring for between $50 and $80 per unit.

Source: 800 High Tech

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