5 Points for Assessing Link Exchange Requests

By: Ron Peled

Links Network Graph
Links Network Graph

Out of no where you receive a friendly email from a webmaster that claims that they added a link to your website on theirs and requests that you do the same on your website. They even include a link in the email showing the page with your website name, description, and the link to your website. This is great! now, we are only being asked to add the same link to their website somewhere, should I do it?

The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is understanding how it works and what raises your site’s ranking in the various search engines. Links that point to your site from other sites is a big area of SEO and is very important to raise the traffic levels of your sites. However, sometimes links can also hurt your positioning, especially if your site is already established and has a certain level of traffic that you do not want to sacrifice.

Google Find Your Network (resembles Mind Map)
Google Find Your Network (resembles Mind Map)

let’s explore five ways to asses the value of the link that is now pointing to your site and whether you should or should not add a link back on your own website:
1. Web Relevancy
2. Website Ranking
3. Location and the position of the link
4.  Automated or manual link exchange request?
5. Intuition

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