Brain Health

Most people think staying fit is just for their bodies. However, it is critical that we keep our brains working in top form. After all, it is our most important asset. Scientists now know more about the brain and the many things we can do to keep it healthy. Research is showing that we can reduce our risk of mental decline and debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. With aging comes change, usually associated with loss of ability or function. The great news is that just like our bodies, if we stretch and exercise our brain, we can keep it fit. Lifestyle is a key factor in determining brain health.

Lifestyle areas important to brain health:

  • Brain Fitness
  • Physical Activity
  • Social Interaction
  • Healthy Diet

The 5 Key Brain Functions

Brain or cognitive functions are the skills that enable us to do everyday tasks. They are: Language, Concentration, Executive Functions (logic, reasoning), and Visual and Spatial Skills.

Our Precious Brain
Our Precious Brain

Studies now enable us to better understand each of these areas. It is clear that there are individual differences – some people are stronger in certain areas and weaker in others. The key point is we need to work on all functions to make sure all brain ‘muscles’ are being stimulated.

Brain Fitness Science

Research has found that keeping the brain active helps build brain or cognitive reserves. This is the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and connections that can be used as a sort of ‘brain savings account’, allowing you to draw on the account at a later date. Studies support that many people continue to operate at a high level throughout their lives by building these brain reserves.

The human brain starts slowing down as early as age 25. Fortunately, you can keep it running at peak performance and even make improvements at any age. Just like your body, you can “use it or lose it”. Scientists all over the world are starting to agree that stimulating the brain can improve brain power. Numerous studies show that activities such as interactive games can help maintain key cognitive functions.

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