Think Out Of The Box With The Mind Map Software

Author: Sam Miller

Thinking Out of The Box
Thinking Out of The Box

The idea of mind map has developed to facilitate and organize concepts and ideas that generally could take longer time to understand. When ideas and concepts are drawn on paper or even on a computer screen the relationship can be shown is an effective way which otherwise is difficult to understand. The traditional way of thinking hampers creative thinking and hence the idea of mind maps came into prominence. What happens in mind maps is that there is a central idea or concept around which a pattern or framework is built and that becomes instinctive for the individual. The visualizations of mind map are an excellent aid to problem solving and its business implications are immense. Mind Maps enables visual thinking which is generally not possible in the traditional way of learning and problem solving.

The mind map software is a great way to have drawing of ideas and concepts that show the linkages between different concepts. The mind map diagram drawn with the help of the software greatly facilitates learning and one can better understand the interrelations between disparate ideas and concepts. As opposed to the traditional method of note taking the mind mapping software enhances the efficiency of the individual in learning or studying by as much as fifteen percent according to Farrand and other scholars. There are mind-mapping software that uses three-dimensional techniques to enhance retention and understanding of ideas and concepts. Some mind map software are open source that enable users to draw mind map diagrams while others are free mind map software. The open source mind map software support platforms like Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS, while others are cross platform software. The proprietary mind map software has additional functionality as compared with the open source and free software that has limited functionality.

Some freeware mind map software are web based and enables the users to collaborate and have their mind maps on the internet and the users need to have flash on their system to have this functionality. Another freeware mind map software lets the user to draw colorful concept maps and mind maps with good visualization and also have automatic topics’ layout functionality. Different free mind map software come with their own functionality, users can have other functionalities in these mind map software such as exports, free-float texts and images, color and fonts, rich text notes, task information, outline exports and much more.

The benefits of the mind map software for businesses are many and allow the users to have great visualizations. In the business of marketing the use of these mind map software is undisputable, and one can use the software to better outline the marketing strategies with their available resources. The individuals for whom the visualizations are created with the help of the mind map software can easily understand the interrelations between different ideas and concepts. The sharing of the mind maps also enables businesses to share knowledge with their clients and business associates. Visual thinking becomes more effective and efficient with the mind map software.

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