Making powerful Presentation with Mindmapping

By: Avezah

There is no business without Presentations. That seems to have become the norm in the business world these days. Presentations have become an inevitable part for conveying important information and highlighting certain aspects. Most people see Presentations as a difficult task. It need not be so if you learn to apply the basics.

The groundwork for a good Presentation is preparation and practice. A lot of detailed planning and preparation goes into making a great Presentation. Firstly, you have to define the purpose of your Presentation. You have to be clear about the objective behind your exercise. You have to decide on the main message you wish to impart, and the appropriate and appealing way to reach it to the audience. Knowing the kind of audience, the duration allocated for your Presentation, the settings and facilities available at the venue are other factors that go a long way in making a powerful Presentation.

The most important aspect to remember in Presentation is maintaining eye contact with the audience throughout your Presentation. This will help to build rapport with your audience and keep them focused on what you say. A positive and affable approach, a simple, concise and informative content and adding humor generously and being prepared for answering any questions are other aspects of a Good Presentation.

The first 7 minutes are critical to capture your audience’s interest as the maximum attention span after which attention tends to sag. The most important message and the objective behind the Presentation must be evident clearly within those first few moments so the audience knows what to anticipate.

Needless to say preparation is an absolute must for making meaningful Presentation. This is where Mind Mapping can be of vital use. You can use Mindmaps to write the purpose, content, speech and indeed the entire plan of your Presentation. You can sequence every step of your activity for the Presentation using Mind Maps. As Mind Mapping draws your full attention, you can plan thoroughly and make a great Presentation.

From speech, text for the visual display, time allotment for each aspect, answers for anticipated questions, anecdotes, humor and so on, Mind Maps can serve as a simple and perfect tool for Presentation. Without being obstructive you will be able to capture the entire sequence of your Presentation, step by step, in just one page. That is the simplicity and power of Mind Maps. It is only by using the technique you will know its true value.

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Source: EZineSeeker