Getting Organized: You have got to Mind Map!

Getting organized is much easier to talk about than to actually do. The words themselves are misleading. They can cover everything from high level business planning to organizing your sock drawer.

Getting organized is simple to say and not so simple to do. The words themselves are misleading. They can cover everything from high level business planning to organizing your sock drawer.

Every type of organization that you engage in will involve a different part of your brain and emotions. You will use different tools to achieve the outcome. It’s no wonder that we are often thrown into a state of confusion when we approach most organizational tasks.

Let’s start at the top and learn one organizational tool that will help with every form of organization you do from now on. With this one tool, you can organize your stuff and you can plan your future. You can keep detailed lists of your music collection and you can design your next marketing campaign.

What can possibly do such a wide range of tasks? It’s a mind map!

Mind maps provide a rather organic way to take what is in your brain and dumping it onto paper, or into mind mapping software. You have probably been doing in some form sense childhood.

Let’s start with the paper method. Take a blank piece of paper. Put a circle in the middle of the paper. And inside the circle write what it is you want to mind map. Lets say, “my marketing plan.”

From the circle you start drawing lines and you label them. Let’s say one line is labeled “online marketing” and another line is labeled “offline marketing.” You draw lines leading off of “online marketing” and label them with words like “Pay Per Click” and “Article Marketing.”

You can refine any idea just by running lines off of the idea line you want to develop. You can take this down to lists like “To Dos,” “Action Items,” “Things to Buy” and anything else you need to record.

You can store contact info, websites, stretch out ideas to include everything that you need to do and remember. Your goal is put everything in your brain onto this radiating circle of lines annotated with words, highlighters, colors, clouds, flags and any other symbol that will help further identify just what you have in mind.

Now let’s do that with software. You can get something that is free all the way up to a premier package. You can even mind map online and create and share your mind maps with others.

Imagine being able to work with someone across the country at the same time on the same mind map. Together , you talk over the phone and both of you develop your brainstorming ideas and outline them on the same mind map at the same time.

Mind mapping is absolutely one of the best organizing tools I know. And it works in my Idea Journal as well as online with my business partner. It keeps a grocery list as well as the master vision for my business marketing plan.

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