The Senses Mind Map

Original Title: Exploring Concept Mapping with Kidspiration
The Senses
The Senses
Grade: One
Subject: Science
Topic: The Senses
I  (Nicole) would utilize a concept map for a topic on “The Senses” in a Grade One Science class. It is important to employ both text and image in tandem, particularly at an age where students are still familiarizing themselves with reading and comprehension. As a result, the concept map is an excellent tool for an assignment that calls for visual representation. I think the program is perfect for teacher usage and modeling an assignment to students, however it is perhaps too advanced for grade ones to use independently. Further, I tried to keep the concept map visually simple so that students could first develop the most basic understanding of the senses. Also, this concept map on “The Senses” makes use of the ICT outcome that states: “Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies”.

Source: Nicole’s Blog