Fortune 1000

By: WeCanChangeTheWorld

Fortune 100 by People as the node
Fortune 1000 Companies by People as the node
Fortune 1000 Companies (Alphabetically)
Fortune 1000 Companies (Alphabetically)

I have been working (off and on) for awhile to try to get all my names and companies listed here more or less arranged alphabetically and onto a single NNDB map. Unfortunately, it seems to be too much data for one map to handle effectively- or at least the map seems to be permanently bogged down when I try to add more names, so I’ll just have to give you what I’ve got and leave it at that, I think. Actually, I’ve got two different projects here, which I’ll combine in this single post. One is the uncompleted single map, the second one took people’s names who didn’t make it into the original project due to too many of their companies having already made it onto the list and made up a new alternate map for them. So far, I haven’t tried to combine the two lists of names and companies, but I think a rough ballpark figure is that 200 (and change) people’s names would cover ~650 different companies total. I’ll include below links for individual maps for those names and a list of their companies. Larger views of the two maps can be seen by clicking on the screenshots below. And yes, there are still worthy names (using 3M execs as examples- George W. Buckley, Peter G. Peterson and Vance D. Coffman) which didn’t make it onto either map due to company overlaps having pretty well already covered what they would have added at that point.

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