Mindjet Connect Customer Vignette of Sur

Suryadiputra Liawatimena\'s MindJet Connect Vignette
Mind Mapper, Peta Konsep Anak Bangsa

Mindjet Connect

Before Mindjet Connect, our team struggled with: Sharing and collaborating on the same map.

With Mindjet Connect, our team is now able to: Interact, edit, and collaborate extensively.

Favorite Mindjet Connect feature/capability: Instant Meeting.

The content in my team’s favorite Workspace: Brainstorming about how to create a reality from our dreams.

I envision Mindjet Connect being used throughout the world: By people who have same interest and they meet over the internet, then they using Mindjet Connect to make the idea come true.

If I were to recommend Mindjet Connect to a friend, colleague, or family member, I would say: Let us meet in Mindjet Connect and make things happen!

I achieve a successful work/life balance by: Reminding myself to have a quality time with family members after a big workload. I keep telling myself that. The work is never ending, I must put my job aside momentarily and then pick it up again after I’ve had some time with my family.

Source:  MindJet Connect Customer Vignette

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