Dyslexia and Mind Mapping

By: Christina Sellers

Christina Sellers unravels how mind-mapping software can help people with dyslexia

Chris Sellers has been a Dyslexia Tutor at West Kent College, specialising in the use of software and the internet to support dyslexic students. She was diagnosed with dyslexia herself, although not until 2001, after she had suspected something was amiss for the many years previously. She says she used to think dyslexia was just about spelling, and her spelling is pretty good. This was probably because, as a visual learner, she had built up a memory bank of what words looked like and so could quickly identify a mis-spelling yet take longer to read and understand the words. After finding out more about dyslexia, Chris trained as a dyslexia tutor so that she could help other dyslexics and pass on some of her coping strategies. She is keen to promote the technology and tools which are available to help dyslexics achieve their goals. Chris now trains staff and students on MindGenius.

Download Dyslexia and MindMapping (PDF, 2 pages, 1.1 MB)