Create a Marketing Project Dashboard in MindManager

By:  Gaelen O’Connell

Marketing Project Dashboard template

Linda Cleary, Marketing Specialist at Mindjet, created a cool Marketing Project Dashboard template, as a fun way to manage her job functions. We wanted to pass it onto you, to inspire you to think of new and creative ways to manage your own projects within MindManager.

We’ve included the map for download here, as well as instructions on how you could create a similar dashboard map from scratch.

Marketing Project Dashboard Map

Instructions on Creating your own Map

Drafting table image for your own Map

Looking to create a project dashboard with exactly the same format but for a different industry or job function? To save some time, just download Linda’s MindManager map template from this posting and update the content within the central topic, main topics and subtopics with your own relevant information.

Enjoy and have an excellent holiday weekend!

The MindJet Team