Text-2-Mind Map

Text to Mind Map

Text2MindMap, A handy mind map services that converts your listing into mind concept maps. Text2MindMap allows you to make mind maps, but not starting from a bubble central to leave the other bubbles, Starting from a list of texts, which will create with their bleeding equivalent to the different hierarchies and and later download them to your PC.

Setup the mental maps is simple. Just setup the text link node, Then you can start arrange the hierarchies with other text link node. Plus more, improve certain aesthetic aspects, as the color of the link or the size of the typeface.

Text2MindMap is certainly a different way to create mental maps, without registration and completely free, Meanwhile, Text2MindMap is create mind map process under flash technology and has an option of being able to work full screen.

Features of Text2MindMap Online :

  • Create mindmaps online and save them to your PC.
  • Make as many maps as you like.
  • Organize and group map objects into nodes.
  • Customize maps: change font size, line color, text color, etc.
  • Download mindmaps in JPEG format (image file).

Visit www.text2mindmap.com