Mathematical concept maps

The following files are samples of concept maps that have been created with a mathematical background. They have been created to allow people a helpful way to organise mathematical information for the purpose of retention or creative development.

PDF Icon Probability

PDF Icon Maths of a bicycle

PDF Icon Investigating a tree

Concept maps

John Dunbier of St Bede’s College, New Zealand has offered the following concept maps. They are a few samples of what he has prepared to assist students to revise their mathematics and should be suitable for students at Scottish levels E and F. They reflect part of Year 9 of the New Zealand Years 1-13 mathematics curriculum.

Any comments or feedback regarding these concept maps can be made in the Special Focus Discussion Forum, which can be accessed from the button in the left-hand column. (Sur: you must visit the Teaching and Learning Scotland to participate the discussion).

PDF Icon Numbers

PDF Icon Polygons

PDF Icon Polyhedra

PDF Icon Angles

PDF Icon Problem solving

PDF Icon Word problems

It is hoped that other persons interested in mathematics or involved in teaching the subject will contribute their own concept maps to this page.

If you would like to contribute a mathematics-based concept map, please ask for further information from, or forward a completed contribution either as a scanned file to,

Source: Learning and Teaching Scotland