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The Quantum Science Across Disciplines (QSAD)  Project is funded by the National Science Foundation through the Science and Mathematics Education Center at Boston University. The collaborating researchers are drawn from the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University, and the Concord Consortium. (The QSAD team.) (Details about the grant.)

The QSAD project was born from a perceived need to better introduce high school students and undergraduates to the concepts of quantum science. Three years into our project our objectives and expectations have matured, however our goals remain the same. These goals are:

  • to create a suite of computer software intended to offer students a graphical and interactive introduction to quantum concepts;
  • conduct research on the impact of our software on student understanding of quantum concepts; and,
  • investigate changes in instructional methods of teachers when interactive graphical computer software is introduced into their classrooms.

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