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Featured Big Thinker: Jerry Michalski

Jerry Michalski is the founder and president of Sociate, a technology consulting firm. Through Sociate, Jerry offers advice, speaks, writes and invests, taking a more hands-on role in developing the products and services he has written about for a dozen years. His interests include the ways that technology and people interact — in private and business settings, and at all scales: as individuals, businesses, economies and societies.

Jerry has been using his Brain non-stop for almost 10 years and has over 80,000 thoughts inside it. Jerry even puts his “brain” online — a map of everything he has read, discovered, thought about and the links connecting it all.

“In a sense, it is my enhanced memory. For example, where before I could remember a half dozen companies in a particular field such as instant messaging offhand when a reporter called, I can now instantly see information on 40 different offerings.” -Jerry Michalski
Visit The Brain of Sociate to interact with Jerry’s Brain.