Innovate using MindManager Pro 7 both in and out of the Classroom

Presenter: Dr. Brian S. Friedlander

Description: Enjoy the Mindjet’s presentation map from Dr. Friedlander, an author, professor and assistive technology specialist who shares the benefits of using mind mapping software in and out of the classroom. You’ll see firsthand how Dr. Friedlander uses MindManager Pro 7 to develop, organize and deliver his classroom lectures, as a presentation tool and to develop, organize and format proposals.

About Brian S. Friedlander:
Dr. Brian S. Friedlander is a certified (licensed) school psychologist with expertise in assistive and educational technology. He maintains an assistive technology practice that provides assessments, workshops and individual trainings. Dr. Friedlander is also an Assistant Professor of Education at the College of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey, where he teaches graduate courses in special education and educational technology. Mind mapping is used frequently in Dr. Friedlander’s classes with his students and he also uses it to develop and deliver graduate level course material.

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