Pembelajaran Lingkungan dan Pelestarian SDA Hayati SMA 1

Judul Asli: Penggunaan Peta Konsep dalam Pembelajaran Lingkungan dan Pelestarian Sumber Daya Alam Hayati untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas 1 MAN 3 Malang

Oleh: Jufri, State University of Malang


It is necessary, therefore, to conduct Classroom Action Research, using contextual learning method and concept map as one of learning medium, aiming at answering how: Learning type using concept map may help students in improving the learning achievement of the first year students of MAN 3 Malang, and increasing the responses of students of MAN 3 Malang to use concept mapping on biology learning. This research is carried out at the second semester of educational year of 2002/2003, from April 19 to May 31, 2003. Research subjects are eight first year students of MAN 3 Malang . The student’s performance test results are 66.7; 72.4; 82.4 on cycle I, II, and III respectively. Students responses to concept map usage in learning Environment Concept and PSDAH suggests that average score is 3.73 on scale for positive question (agree), while for negative question, the average score is 2.27 on scale (doubt). Conclusion: Learning type using concept map, small heterogeneous learning group and adequate time may help students. Learning result improves through the use of concept map. Students responses on the learning of Environment Concept and PSDAH arise through the use of concept map.

Sumber: Jurnal Penelitian Kependidikan, Tahun 14, Nomor 1, Juni 2004. Universitas Malang.