Writing a Post Would Have Been Easier…

By: Paul Williams

…but not as much fun.

As I’m getting into the swing of writing for the Innovation Hub I thought a great start would be to take a look at what all of the contributors are writing about… get a sense for the themes… the general thoughts.

Being a visual person, I decided to illustrate those general themes and look for the overlaps…

Using OmniGraffle for the Mac, I created a mindmap. Bubbles represent contributors. The clouds illustrate themes and ideas…

Innovation Hub Themes April 18
(Click for a much larger view. You’ll be able to see who spoke about which topic.)

The yellow clouds represent themes that multiple contributors have written about.

My findings?

  • It would have been easier to simply write a post! Is there software that already does this?
  • Technology and how it affects innovation was a specific theme, but there were also many entrees with technology-based themes.
  • A few of us hawked the launch of this hub. Yea Hub!
  • Innovation and the role of leadership were spoken of quite often. Should companies have a Chief Innovation Officer? Which companies do? (Michael Osofsky and Egils at Accelerating Innovation speak about these)
  • The rewards of risk taking – great topic.
  • A couple of us shared some recent great customer experiences.
  • A couple of us spoke about the merits and impact of blogging

Take a look at the map and visit any of the sites mentioned for more information. You should find most of the illustrated topics in the “Network Posts” section of the Innovation Hub.

I’ll probably personally track like this for a few weeks. If it seems interesting, I’ll post it here for you.


Source: Corante