SCEA 5 Part I Study Guide Mind Map


As promised, here’s the long overdue mind map for SCEA 5 Part I. This file builds on top of the old SCEA Part I Study Guide Mind Map. This file contain the references I used for SCEA 5 BETA Part I preparation last year which is just an addition to the resources already mentioned in the OLD SCEA mind map.

SCEA 5 Part I Mind Map Screenshot

You will notice that this mind map is not as elaborate as the first one as we only had a few weeks of preparation for the BETA exam. I still hope you find it useful for your own preparations.

Reminder: Please rename the file to a .mm (Freemind) extension after downloading. Do not use Open Office to view this file.

Visit Document As You Go to interact with the mindmap.

SCEA = Sun Certified Enterprise Architect