Smoking Issues

Student Information Sheet: Cigarette Smoking: The Issues and Competing Viewpoints.

Sub-Issues within the Debate About Cigarette Smoking

The sub-issues following this format:

  • Value Claim response to the sub-issue.
  • Counter Value Claim response to the sub-issue.

Risks in the use of tobacco:

  • Individuals are responsible for making choices about their own health.
  • Governments have the responsibility to demonstrate and maintain good health practices.

Second Hand Smoking

  • People have the right to smoke when and where they please.
  • All public spaces must be available for everyone to use.


  • People have to be held responsible for their own actions.
  • It is wrong to allow people to become addicted to something when it can be prevented.

Product Safety

  • People must be responsible for the products they choose.
  • Producers have a responsibility to produce and sell only safe products.


  • It is the responsibility of the individual to be sceptical and critical of advertizing’s message.
  • Advertizing must not deliberately mislead people about a product.


  • It is wrong to destroy another person’s job or business.
  • Work and business should always be socially constructive.

Social Costs

  • It is unfair to impose on the taxpayer the additional health costs of smoking.
  • Smokers are humans and citizens and have as much right to prepaid health care as any other group.


  • In a free and democratic society, individuals have the right to make choices and must accept the consequences of those choices free from the interference of the state.
  • The state has the duty to protect its citizens from dangerous substances.

Source: Saskatchewan