By: Nat Cooper

Concept Mao of Olestra

Proctor & Gamble introduced a food additive called Olestra in 1998. This material replaces fats in snack foods such as potato chips. The advantages claimed for Olestra are that food using this synthetic product in place of digestible fats provide less calories since the Olestra is not digested and passes through the body unchanged.

This ChemCases.Com unit looks at the body chemistry underlying this development, shows how Olestra was developed and delves into the issues of how a food product such as Olestra is tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

The concepts on this page take us to the development of Olestra, the next page reviews the teasing and the role of the government and poses a case study for your consideration.

So listen to Dr. Matt Hermes invite you to this chemical experience

Source: Kennesaw State University