Weathering Processes Mindmaps

By: The Gaea Dudes

This the second mindmap for physical tutorial 3, on ‘Weathering Processes’.
We finally have our first mindmap from the guys. Nicholas’s mindmap is not the neatest nor is his handwriting the best. However, his points are all properly linked which allows him to clearly present his points in fewer words. Concise and detailed –this is how a mindmap should be like. Weathering Processes – Yvonne Chan 07a03

Weathering Processes – Siewhan 07s13

The other two mindmaps are chosen as they are comprehensive,neat and clearly presented.

Note: Some of the better mindmaps categorized the points into ‘conditions’, ‘process’ and ‘result’/’outcome’. I believe that this would help in your revision of weathering and make memorizing of the points easier. Sean of 07a03 was one of the few who did that, which i think showed understanding and processing of the article (although it wasn’t published as his words are too small).

Source: Proto Gaea