Getting Connected with your Personal and Business Potential

By:  Ray Lamb

Realising Potential

Getting to grips with the potential of your business really is a matter of applying yourself to what may be some hard questions! Answering them will pay dividends. Successful, effective people and businesses really are in touch with what they want, who they are and where they are going.

Think of those people that you admire for what they have achieved, maybe sports or business personalities. What do you hear in what they say? What do you read about how they have achieved their dreams? The themes often seem to be along the lines mapped out opposite!

Give some time and effort to this, and revisit it with your business colleagues on a regular basis. Involve your staff, your suppliers, and don’t forget your customers and clients! How do they fit in to what you want to achieve? How do their needs and wants modify the potential of your business?

Success will come from being very clear about your Mission and Vision and putting appropriate Strategies in place to build the business. Ensure what you are doing is aligned with your strengths and talents AS WELL AS your principles and values. See The Purpose Tree for more help.

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Source: Leading in Business