How To Concentrate By Tony Buzan

By: Tony Buzan

Want to improve your concentration? Need some tips on focusing and concentrating on tasks? In this film leading brain guru Tony Buzan will share his advice on how to concentrate.

Step 1: The Problem With Concentration
Most people believe they have a problem with concentration. In fact, they are concentrating most of the time, except they’re concentrating on the wrong thing. This is why we need to train the mind to focus – to keep concentrating on one thing.

Step 2: Mental Fitness
If your brain is kept mentally fit, your concentration will improve as a result. Exercise the brain with things like chess, bridge, crosswords, sudoku and other puzzles.
Step 3: Be a Solution Finder
The brain is often described as a ‘problem solver’. This is actually a negative way of looking at it, because when we think about problems the whole time, our concentration becomes dissipated. Rather than thinking in terms of ‘problems’ try to think in terms of ‘solutions’. Thinking of the brain as a ‘solution finder’ is much more positive, and will help with concentration.

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