Collaboration Product of the Year: Mindjet MindManager 7

By: Paula Gregorowicz

Intranet Journal 2008 Winner

2/22/2008, This year’s product of the year winner in the hotly contested Document Management/Collaboration Product category is Mindjet MindManager 7.

The competition was intense between Mindjet and the other nominees: Central Desktop, Jive Software Clearspace, Hyper Office, Clarizen, and ThoughtFarmer, with Central Desktop and Hyper Office giving Mindjet a run for the money.

What started out as a simple mind mapping software years ago when I first wrote about it has become a full-fledged collaboration solution, rich with possibilities because of its tight integration with business applications and existing technologies such as web services, RSS, and enterprise data sets. Its core identity remains the mind map because they do it so well. It is insanely easy to use and can turn a boring meeting with spotty note taking and unclear responsibilities into a highly participative, creative, and well-documented session with clear action items. Some of the voters who picked Mindjet echoed that sentiment:
“Simply put it does what it is suppose to do — easy to learn, easy to use, becomes a daily if not hourly tool used to control/manage documents, team collaboration, and enables visual representation of current state of projects, and brainstorming.”

“Powerful visualization by mind maps, easy navigation by links, filters, tracking of changes, integration with MS Office.”
Having used MindManager, I can attest to the fact that its integration with common business applications is quick and seamless. MindManager allows you to quickly move forward from team brainstorming sessions to other team activities.

Project managers can take the information and jump right on it in Microsoft Project for more refined project management. Team members can move from concept to completed Word documents and PowerPoint presentations with only a few mouse clicks. Anyone can seamlessly add tasks, appointments, and contacts for which they are personally responsible via synchronization with Outlook.

MindManager’s philosophy is: Work Smarter, Think Creatively, and Save Time. And it delivers because of its unique ability to have people gather as a group and work from a common set of information. Through hyperlinking and its integration with most common business application formats it reduces duplication and provides teams a big picture overview that can be acted upon in short order. By eliminating time-wasters it streamlines business processes reducing cycle time from idea to delivery.

One voter affirmed this with firsthand experience: “Because you can go directly from the brainstorming mode to producing an outline of the web site. Further editing of the map then allows you to add content. Finally you can deal with the style of the web site by editing templates and CSS files.”

At the end of the day, a company’s ability to generate new ideas, harness the power of information, and deliver a quality result are the secrets to success. Another voter called MindManager “unrivaled in capturing and structuring information.” Its ability to quickly and seamlessly make new ideas and information actionable is perhaps MindManager’s greatest asset.

Another unique aspect of MindManager is its flexibility. The case studies on the MindJet site show a myriad of different applications: saving time with simpler documents, higher participation on teams, increased creativity, shorter sales cycles, and a host of time savings.

Those are just some of the reasons that MindJet MindManager 7 is Intranet Journal’s Document Management/Collaboration Product of the Year for 2008. For more information on MindManager 7 visit their web site.

Source: Intranet Journal