Cognitive Fitness, The Future of Work, and Concept Maps

By: Alvaro

Some weeks ago we explained how useful Concept Maps can be to quickly visualize the key ideas in a field, and their relationships.

Let me show you this fantastic example. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by David Pescovitz of the Institute for the Future (blog) to discuss The Future of Work and Cognitive Fitness trends. They had an artist who drew the graph below IN REAL TIME, AS WE SPOKE. Very impressive.

Please open the full image by clicking on it, and spend a few minutes reading around, top-down, left-to right.

You will learn much about what the future may bring (will Human Resources staff become “Cognitive Resources Managers”?), and also how to display complex information in beautiful visual form.

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Kudos to the Institute for the Future, an independent nonprofit research group, for a fascinating event on The Future of Work.

Credit for the Map: Anthony Weeks, from Grove Consultants.

Source: Sharp Brains