CM2008 Connecting Educators

It gives us great pleasure to invite you on behalf of our conference organization committee to the 3rd Conference on Concept Mapping. The Conference will be held from 22 to 25 September 2008 in Tallinn and Helsinki.As we know, most of the conferences organized in the world are field specific – there are conferences for physicist, philologists, medics etc. But conferences, which are based on one method, are really rare. That is why the conferences on concept mapping are special – they connect specialists from different fields.We look forward to welcome not only the scientists but also the teachers, officials, managers and anybody who are somehow related to education. Hence our slogan: Concept Mapping – connecting educators!

Come to attend the conference in two Northern European neighbor countries with the beautiful historic capitals, famous technology (e.g. Nokia and Skype) and people who are surprisingly warm-hearted for countries, which are so close to North Pole.  

Alberto J. Cañas, IHMC
Mauri Åhlberg, University of Helsinki
Priit Reiska, Tallinn University

Visit Concept Map: Connecting Educators for more information about the Conference.

Sur dreams that he can get sponsoship to get there.