Mind Map Guidelines

By: Wael Nassief

Example No.2

Definition: It is a technique that is used to organize your life by utilizing your both sides of mind!

. Your brain has two main sides: “Left” and “Right“.
Left” side is used for numbers, words all logical thinkings.
Right” side is used for colors, smells, tastes and fantasy thinkings.

. The problem is that we are using ONLY our “left” side in memorizing and remembering things that are specially related to study, work and logic. (So, you’ll remember only by one side).

. Mind Map is helping you to use both sides of your brain (How?) by drawing and coloring the numbers and words!
(So, you’ll remember by BOTH sides).

Five Steps to design your Mind Map:

1. Bring a blank paper that: has no lines and its width is wider than its length.
2. Write your main idea in the middle with a simple picture related to your idea.
3. Write the major concepts that are fertilized from your main idea in different dimensions.
4. Write the minors of each major. For each word try to draw a picture.
5. Connect each node with previous one.

=> You should have at the end: “words” + “pictures” + “colors” + “curved lines” + your creativity!

See the examples in the pictures.

Example No.3

Source: Organize Your Life