Vision of International Institute For Global Leadership (IIGL)

Advisory Council Meeting Report – June 4-6, 2006

In our discussions on this topic, we reaffirmed that the focus of the program would continue to be on fostering the development of ‘heart centered, conscious leaders.’ In conceptualizing our collective intention, the group created a ‘Mind Map/Mandala’ of IIGL to give visual presence to our vision and intention.

Mind Map/Mandala

What is really not captured in this report is the heart-centered nature of our meeting. Those who are most comfortable with flip charts and formal, left-brain procedures would have been a bit uncomfortable with our relaxed proceedings. However, what we accomplished at many different levels was nothing less than profound. Great ideas were presented and discussed, and in some cases adopted for implementation by different council members. Other ideas will remain on the table for further consideration, development, or until someone steps forward to give leadership in implementing them.

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