Mapping the Human Mind

By: Tom Van Buskirk
Tom’s background includes cognitive science, linguistics, system analysis, system engineering, robotics and programming.

I (Tom) have prepared a HTML diagram of some of the functions of the human mind with some selected roles that humans play. It is a work-in-progress designed to stimulate ideas from others interested in designing AI engines.

Go to the download page to get the cogsci zip file. After download, unzip file, open the new folder and activate the diagram by double clicking the HTML file. Mouseover the boxes to display the comments. Resize the diagram using the drop down menu at the bottom right side of the diagram. Click on a box to activate a link to descriptions.

Click on diagram for a quick view without mouseovers. The download diagram is easier to read.

2007-12-09 Initial Mind Map diagram released.
2007-12-16 Mind Map v2 diagram released. Hyperinks added. Click box to activate link. Roles updated. Describe updated.
2007-12-30 Mind Map v3 diagram released. Added models, motivation and interviewer role. Added “how to check an argument” article.
2008-01-06 Mind Map v4 diagram released. Added operation function.
2008-01-13 Added new pages for Concepts, Design, and Code.
2008-01-20 Added new code sample extract sentence. Searching for new articles for design.
2008-01-28 Added new code sample extract clauses.

Why an Artificial Intelligence site?
Forums about robotics, chat boxes, and artificial intelligence were the impetus for creating a site to share fundamental concepts of mental activities expressed by the human mind.

Source: MindMap iWarp

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