Mind Managing your day ~ Part 2

By: Robin Capper

So how does MindManager help me collect and review information more efficiently?
Each topic in a MindManager map can have many sorts of information attached to it. Icons are used to add, edit and summarise much of this information. For example looking at the topic “Book Flight” without opening any dialogs or viewing anything else I can see:
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1. It has been assigned a Priority of 2
2. Its 25% complete
3. Has a link to a web site (explorer icon is a link to the airline web site)
4. Was started 19/08/04
5. Must be finished by 1/12/04
6. Needs this resource: Air NZ
7. Is in this Category: Travel Southern Cross (used for grouping topics and export to Outlook/Project)
8. Has more information on sub-branch topics (+)

It could also have: Images, topic notes, other status icons (from the large library + make your own) and be formatted to give further meaning. (e.g. You could identify all topics formatted with Red text or fill as urgent). You can filter the map by any of these attributes. For example see all topics not marked complete across the whole map.

Click the Export To MS Outlook button & this information is transferred as an Outlook task. Once exported changes in either MindManager or Outlook are synchronised and any conflicts resolved easily (e.g. changed in both, which do you want to keep?).


This is the result in Outlook.

This linking can be done the other way with email, contacts, appointment/meetings and notes coming from Outlook to MindManager topics. Again this is a simple operation:
1. Select the topic in MindManager
2. Select the content in outlook
3. Click the export to MindManager Button
4. Done!



This makes it very quick to gather the documents and associated information for a topic/task and review/edit it in one place. More to follow…

Source: Robin Capper’s Blog