Is Mind Mapping Worth The Effort?

By: Craig Huggart
Boythinking_2 Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

Mind Mapping seems to have somewhat of a cult following. Not that many people use it but those who do are really into it. When I bought MindManager, I thought I would use it all the time. What I found was that although MindManager is a fabulous product with great integration to Microsoft Office, I don’t use it every day. On the other hand, when I need it, I find it indispensable.

What do I use it for? When I am brain-storming a new speech, class, or group of either, I love to use it. Recently, I was planning for a new 12 week class I’ll be teaching at church next year. One Sunday morning I used MindManager to outline the classes and add notes to various ones. It worked great.

Do you need it? If you speak or write for a living or a hobby, I would recommend that you try it. Also, if you manage projects but don’t use project management software, I think you would love it.

Want to know more?

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog – the mother of all Mind Mapping blogs.

The Underlying Blog – another excellent blog with a Mind Mapping focus done by my friend Kyle McFarlin. makers of the market leading MindManager. You can download a trial version of the software.

What about you? Do you use Mind Mapping either on paper or on the computer? Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know.

Source: Tech Rest

Sur comments: I can not live without Mind Map. I use practically everyday.