Mental Maps: to think drawing

By: Juan-Jose de Juan

It makes a long time already that aficiones/manías wanted to speak of one of my favorite, and why not to do it now that I (Juan) have awhile. Surely I will have to dedicate several chapters, because this is a tool that use for many different subjects.

Let us try to give a brief introduction today.

What is a Mental Map ( Mind Map® )?

Basicamente is a graphical representation of a concept, devises, project, etc. Veamoslo with an example. At the time of working on the structure of a presentation, instead of writing in a “list” the different chapters and individual ideas, we represented them in form of “arbol” like branches that are arising as we entered detail more.
The mental maps mainly seem to be created by Tony Buzzan in 70s to be used in “storms of ideas” or brainstorming. By the way, it has the term Mind registered Mapping.

Why is useful a Mental Map?

Mainly because when not following a structure “rigid”, he is very simple to find of continuous form new elements, relations and possibilities in all the branches that conform it. Of this form, when we are working in the elements of a part, we they are happened elements that need or new ideas that are related to another one of the parts.

The mental maps are specially useful for “visual” people because they are the perfect tool to have a general vision of all the subject, the main aspects, the details in each one of them as well as the points of action to emphasize.

How is made a Mental Map?

The more creative mental maps are made “by hand”. A sheet of paper in target, if possible great (ej. A3) if we want to remove to many variants and different ideas. Very important the use of colors (minimum 2-3 different, one for each level or branch), to write loose words or very short phrases and to try to use drawings to the maximum.

Also it exists software to be able to do all this in the computer, and is enough more “showy” although for my taste one restricts the creativity and freedom that it gives to do it by hand. An option is to paint everything by hand and soon to pass it to the computer to be able to share it with another people of “more formal” way. As it programs more complete podeis to prove the Mindmanager (its page is very well for seeing many examples of like using Mental Maps for everything almost) and also teneis the Freemind, that is gratuitous

Another day I raise some of my own maps and comment other interesting uses that I have found to this technique.

Source: Juan-Jose de Juan in Spanish originally.