Are you a Visual Thinker?

By: Michael Deutch

Come visit Mindjet at the VizThink conference in San Francisco!

Today’s sessions were packed with some of the leading visual thinkers in the world including the cartoonists, publishers, designers, presenters, strategists, authors and more.

I (Michael) was fortunate to attend some great presentations including:

  • Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE, reminding the audience that we ALL know how to draw.
  • Bob Horn, author of visiting scholar at Stanford University and author of Visual Language, was interviewed by Beyond Bullet Points author Cliff Atkinson and Nancy Duarte, the founder of the firm that helped create Al Gore’s PowerPoint presentation in “An Inconvenient Truth”.
  • Jim Hauden of Root Learning walked everyone in the morning breakout through the six keys to visual engagement…
    1. Connect: People want to connect through images and stories
    2. Create: People want to create pictures together
    3. Believe: People want to believe pictures together
    4. Own: People want to own the solution
    5. Play: People want to play the entire game
    6. Practice: People want to practice before they perform

  • Nancy Duarte explored the presentation eco-system, highlighting how global and technology changes are driving visual thinking forward and what to expect in the coming years.
  • We closed today’s sessions with a series of talks on Visual Ethics. Kicked off by Donna Kienzler, a Professor at Iowa State University, who set the frame for the discussion. It was followed up by a panel of visualization experts that have over 100 years experience combined working for leading media organizations like the Associated Press, Time, Newsweek, Wired, and Conde Nast publications.
  • Here’s a snapshot of my notes from one of the breakout sessions with Nancy Duarte…Notes from today's sessions

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s exciting sessions with Jamie Nast and Susi Watson!

    Happy mapping!

Source: MindJet’s Blog