An Exercise For Observing and Reducing Visual Hemispheric Dominance

Repeated use of binaural beat audio technology effects hemispheric dominance. Binaural beat technology increases activity across the corpus callosum in other words interhemispheric transfer of information between the left and right brain. This leads to a relative shift in hemispheric dominance (from left-brain dominance to whole-brain dominance) and hemispheric synchronization. Harmony and unity in the brain. This exercise and test cab help to reduce brain dominance and helps induce an interesting meditative state of mind.

The hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum. It serves as a conduit or a bridge between both sides. This bridge can literally be exercised and strengthened until it is physically larger and more capable of transmitting information, thoughts and feedback between hemispheres. A more integrated system creates better performance. The famous clairvoyant healer Edgar Cayce and Albert Einstein were found to have an unusually large corpus callosum, but could it be that everyone has a smaller one than they should or could have if they were to consciously exercise it ?

The Exercise

As you look at this illustration, cross your eyes so you see a third circle between the blue and red one. When you get your eyes focused right, the middle circle will seem to have a cross on it.

The farther back you sit, the less eyestrain you’ll feel. Sitting anywhere from 1 -3 ft. back works well.

Watch the cross on the third circle. Every few seconds, it will change from a horizontal line to a vertical line and back. This is because the hemispheres of your brain are alternating in dominance for this activity. When the right hemisphere is dominant you see the blue circle and vertical line on top; when the left hemisphere is dominant, the red circle and horizontal line are on top.

Now you’re ready for the actual yoga. Look at the illustration again, but this time, try to make the cross on the middle circle steady. You want a pure cross, not a horizontal or vertical line. Practice every day until you can do it for 45 minutes straight. I think you’ll find the resulting state of mind quite interesting.Eliminating Eyestrain

Some people are bothered by eyestrain when they do this exercise, even if they sit far back from the screen. Here’s an alternate method that completely eliminates strain.

Look at a distant object through two toilet paper tubes (as if they are binoculars) while holding a finger over the far end of each tube so your fingers make a cross in your field of vision.Source: Intelegen Inc

Sur comments: When I tried this test by sitting in front of the computer with roughly 40 cm for 20 seconds, it cause a little strain at my eyes. In Bahasa we call it ‘Mata Juling’.