Vester 1978, Titelseite)
Abbildung 2.1.1: Vernetzung im Gehirn (aus: Vester 1978, Titelseite)

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Dendrites connect between neuron (brain cell).

Realizations of the brain research

Of fundamental importance, not only concerning an argument with creativity, is the knowledge of the function mode of the human brain (see for this z. B. Vester 1978).

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Illustration 2.1.1: Cross-linking in the brain (out: Vester 1978, title page)

The human brain consists of two halves (the right and the left brain hemisphere), on which different function centers and association fields are located. The hemispheres are connected by a bar, the corpus callosum. Since the nervous system of the remaining body over cross is connected with the brain, the functions of the right body half are steered and turned around by the left hemisphere. According to Vester (1978, 22ff) this symmetry however consistently one does not hold out. Like that for example the Sehzentrum is symmetrically in both hemispheres put on. Functionally however an asymmetrical division of labor is present: The left range is more responsibly for typefaces, right the more for figures and forms.

Already the scientists early 19. Century it was well-known due to the observation of the effects of brain injuries that the active language center sits in the left hemisphere. Since language is so important for humans, this statement led to the higher valuation of the left hemisphere and to the Disqualifizierung of the right hemisphere as mute, subordinated, less-developed “appendage”. This view also today still reflects itself in our linguistic usage and some behaviors.

Fundamentally new realizations the neuro physiology won in the 60’s by sucked. Split brain research of Roger W. Sperry and its pupils. Split Brain patients are Epileptiker, which suffer from so strong accumulations that the entire brain is pulled in. In order to relieve at least one hemisphere, the corpus became callosum splits. Observations and tests at this patients showed that both hemispheres are involved in highly developed cognitive processes, whereby each brain half has their special functions and kinds of the data processing. (Edwards 1990, 40ff).

Illustration 2.1.2 clarifies the different competencies and functions of the two hemispheres, which communicate with one another in the optimal case over the corpus callosum and complement each other depending upon need mutually.

Illustration 2.1.2: Brain hemispheres and functions (after: Kirckhoff 1994, 104, changes)

Detailed representations about brain functions are with Edwards (1990, 40ff), Beyer (1994, 1ff), Kirckhoff (1994, 102ff), Hentig (1998, 46ff) and Eipper (1998, 7ff).

If the Altphilologe and reform paedagogue Hentig state still 1998 – seventeen years after award of the Nobelpreises for medicine at SPERRY for its realizations within the field of the brain research – the fact that the present educational system demands and promotes more the activities of the left hemisphere, so that no balanced can take place with one another both thinking modes, exists reason to the acceptance that the knowledge does not belong around the function modes of the brain yet to the fundamental general education. A one-sided overemphasis of the left hemisphere makes more difficult or prevents the entrance to the right hemisphere, so that z. B. graphic and formative qualities to be expressed do not know. Turned around right-brain-dominated persons “play themselves” gladly, so that they cannot come to no result or obtain this.

Going beyond the individual level, the missing knowledge can prove around these connections as problematic, if right brain and left brain dominant factor persons co-operate and communicate, which can lead to misunderstandings up to lack of understanding (see Beyer 1993, 4; Kirkhoff 1994, 106; Edward 1990, 50f). Particularly for planners this knowledge is important, because planning requires both creative and analytic abilities.

Source: Fachgruppe Landschaft (in German language).