Thinking with Pictures

A dynamic environment for modelling and organising thought

Thinking with Pictures is unique in providing support for a full range of visual tools including concept maps, mind maps, webs, trees, bubble maps and many other useful forms. Thinking with Pictures helps the learner deal with facts and knowledge, with memory and retrieval, with language and thinking, and with individual and social forms of learning.

visual thinking and model mappingThinking with Pictures provides a powerful modern tool for teaching and learning, which can be usefully applied to almost any subject area at any level of attainment. The software can positively impact on challenging areas of learning such as literacy, development of thinking skills, teaching of study skills, boys writing, supporting inclusion and Gifted and Talented extension.

Thinking with Pictures is ideal for collaborative use on a large screen or interactive whiteboard, especially using Presenter Mode, which allows a map to be discussed and demonstrated.

visual thinking tools for all learnersIt is possible to tile-print maps to very large sizes for classroom wall displays. You can print any map across any number of pages. The crop marks are printed on each page, and you just need scissors and glue to reassemble the pages into a single sheet as big as you could ever need. Besides printing your map, you can export your work as a Powerpoint Presentation, an HTML page or as a Word document (including the outline view) to use it as the basis for further writing.

Thinking with Pictures comes with a high quality activity guide, which provides a valuable introduction to using mapping in the primary classroom. It explains how the software works and comes with a collection of practical and useful activities which can be used or adapted easily for use in your classroom, across the curriculum.

As a teacher, why should I be interested in visual thinking?

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