Advantages of Mind Mapping®


Mind maps® can be used in many different situations and for many different reasons. Use them during business meetings, when you study, when you plan or to come up with the most innovating ideas.

Bellow you will find the advantages of mind maps in different situations.

Learning Reduce those ‘tons of work’. Feel good about study, revision and exams. Have confidence in your learning abilities.
Overviewing See the whole picture, the global view, at once. Understand the links and connections.
Concentrating Focus on the task for better results. Using all of your cortical skills attracts your attention.
Memorizing Easy recall. ‘See’ the information in your mind’s eye.
Organizing Be on top of all of the details for parties, holidays, projects or any other subject.
Presenting Speeches are clear, relaxed and alive. You can be at your best.
Communicating In all forms with clarity and conciseness.
Planning Orchestrate all details and aspects – from beginning to end – on one piece of paper.
Meetings From planning to agenda, to chairing, to taking the minutes … the jobs are completed with speed and efficiency.
Training From preparation to presentation they make the job easier and much faster.
Thinking Having a method to analyse thoughts – almost a ‘way-station’ for them.
Negotiating All the issues, your position and manoeuvrability in one sheet.
Brain Blooming The new brain-storming in which more thoughts are generated and appropriately assessed.

Mind Mapping is a registered trademark (®) of the Buzan Organization.Source: Map Your Mind