Mental Maps of Happiness

By: Nata Tcherkizova

MindMap, well-known in Russia as mental maps, earn popularity among Russians too. Of course, not everybody can afford costly software developing mind maps, but among the RUNET users the free software – FreeMind enjoys great fame and popularity. The software allows to create your own maps in any operational system, the most important thing being – Java shell must be installed on your PC. By the way, here is the page for downloading this popular client for construction of your own mind maps. Have a try, it may do for you (I’ve got a permanent version installed, and I’m very glad).
But I’m not talking here about clients for creation mind maps, to be more exact, not about desktop-clients. The matter of my review is about the site where (after the hateful registration) you can create your maps online.
Here is one of them.
Mind Mapping Online
The site allows you to create not only private (not public) maps, but also maps with access for several users (you specify them) to viewing and editing.
The creators assert that due to use of state-of-the-art web-technologies (such as AJAX and Silverlight), the outward appearance of the created maps to the utmost meets the criteria formed by their developer and propagandist – Tony Buzan (just imagine, it is also known in Russia).
Especially glad news – among the outstanding technologies of such a modern now <b>Web 2.0</b>, the site owners managed to “tie” it to communication channels via the popular VoIP-client (service) – Skype. I.e. besides the voice chat, video and text message you can (along with the subscribers you choose) develop, edit and control (execution) in the created collective mind maps. Dare, and good luck.
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Source: iTelegraff