Complexity and Threats Mind Mapping

By: Dancho Danchev

The folks at — who by the way expressed their excitement over my blog — just released an outstanding mind mapping graph on the most common firefox security extensions used for various purposes starting from information gathering, and going up to data tampering :

FireCAT is based upon a paper we wrote some weeks before (Turning firefox to an ethical hacking platform) and downloaded more than 25 000 times. We also thank all folks that encouraged us and sent their suggestions and ideas to make this project a reality. This initial release is presented as a mindmap and we are open to all your suggestions to make it a really good framework for all the community of security auditors and ethical hackers. We will make a special page for this framework soon to let you monitor this activity.

Great idea, reminds of Ollie Whitehouse’s excellent mind mapping of mobile device threats. The semantics of security when applied in a visualized manner have the potential to limit the “yet another malware variant in the wild” type of news articles, or hopefully help the mainstream media break out of the “echo chamber” and re-publishing myopia, thus covering the basics.

Anyway, which is the most useful tool you’ll ever encounter? It’s called experience. Which is the most important threat to keep an eye on? It’s your inability of not knowing what’s going on at a particular moment, lack of situational awareness.

Source: Dancho Danchev

Sur comments: you can click the picture to get the larger version of it. Symantec using Mind Mapping to understand the Virus Threats on Mobile Device