VizThink Conference 08

Are you a Visual Thinker?

Who are visual thinkers anyway? Visual thinkers are people who use any form of the visual arts such as graphic design, illustration, photos, video, animations, sketches, 3D, etc. for communications and learning. VizThink’s goal is to bring together the best of the best in our industry with participation from trainers, marketers, presenters, executives, planners, strategists, and managers, just to name a few. While each approach and application may be different, the community members all share the same philosophy in the power of visualization for learning and communication. We believe that by bringing these diverse groups together, we’ll create a community that can take the industry to a new level and invite you to take part.

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Conference Topics

Our goal at VizThink is to bring together a broad cross section of the visual thinking community. We’re bringing content from each of the visual arts disciplines together to create a unique mix of content. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the topics you’ll find at VizThink ’08:

  • Moving beyond bullet points…using storytelling for presentations
  • Aligning individuals using visualization
  • Visualization in 3D? When does it matter
  • Facilitation using photographs
  • Designing compelling and effective information graphics
  • Virtual worlds: future or fad
  • Creating a global visual language
  • Organizing your world with visuals
  • Using visuals for powerful presentations
  • Storytelling through comics and graphic novels
  • Visual techniques for analyzing data
  • Visualization principles for software design
  • Facilitation through live sketching
  • Can there be a true language with grammar and structure that uses visuals?
  • Visualization as a brainstorming tool

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