Opening Up

By: Alberto Martinez

What am I (Alberto) thinking this webpage for?

1.- Showing different experiences working with mindmapping techniques.
2.- Explaining different approaches using these techniques.
3.- Sharing knowledgements among different colleagues.
4.- Having a Mindmapping meeting point.
5.- Gathering information from different sources.
6.- Improving continuosly the different mindmaps layouts existing on the net.

In my opinion, Mindmapping is indeed a powerful tool to boost up productivity, not just in businesses but in the different situations one can face in his/ her lifetime.

From notetaking approaches to preparing meetings in advance passing throught splitting down huge projects into different workpackages (everyone with its own owner and time schedule) and so on.
I must say that I am not an expert on this issue but I am trying to do my best and explaining other people what I do, knowing that this blog can help other people to improve, would be a desirable outcome.

First question about Mindmapping is talking a little bit about Tony Buzan, father founder of the whole movement. I do recommend reading his book The Mind Map Book: Radiant Thinking – Major Evolution in Human Thought.

Dealing with Mindmaps is not related to utilize one specific software tool, there are different software packages on the market to help us, but I must also say that I use Mindjet Mindmanager from the first approach they launch to the market.

Also it does not imply using any software, most part of the day I make my maps via “hardware” (pen, sheet,…).

Source: Mind Mapping Everywhere.