Idea Mapping + MindManager = Laser Beam

“Idea Mapping plus MindManager wasn’t just a lightblulb experience — it was more like a laser beam.” – Kaye Nightingale, a Microsoft Master Instructor and MindManager user from the UK.

Adding Idea Mapping to your current MindManager skills will help you to soar to new levels of thinking. On March 6th and 7th 2008, Jamie Nast will conduct a two-day Idea Mapping Workshop open to the public. Be one of the 16,000 professionals who have experiences this course and consider it one of the most valuable learning experiences they’ve ever had. As a result of this highly activity-driven class, you’ll be able to apply your new skills to your work and life immediately. Join Jamie for two days of fun-filled learning.

Course Outline of Idea Mapping – A Learning Workshop.

Mar 06 – 07, 2008 Novi, Michigan 695 USD
Apr 21 – 22, 2008 Palm Beach, FL 695 USD