Human Brain Cloud

You must visit this Human Brain Cloud (created by Kyle Gabler) and view the amazing mindmap pop up as other players entry their minds.

You can play by click word

Even you can play by clicking one word that interesting you and lead the others to draw the map. I started with Yummy -> Donuts -> Homer.  Have fun…!

At the time I visited there are 546,632 unique words, 5,914,603 connections and (concurrent) 376,854 humans


Thanks for reading this! I wanted to try and make a very simple “massively multiplayer game” while taking a break from making this game, and the result was Human Brain Cloud – a massively multiplayer word association “game” or experiment … or something. The idea is that given a word, a player types in the first thing that comes to mind and the results are combined into a giant network.

For instance given the word “volcano”, a common word people might submit would be “lava”, and this would result in a very strong connection between “volcano” and “lava”. On the other hand, given the word “volcano”, fewer people might associate it with something like “birthday party”, resulting in a very weak connection or no connection at all. Over time and with many players, I hope the cloud will gradually grow to represent words and phrases people tend to associate with other words and phrases, assuming it doesn’t get inundated with spam. The cloud started with just one word, “volcano”. All other words were submitted by visitors to this site.

This isn’t academically rigorous or anything, so set your expectations accordingly and have fun seeing what people subconsciously think about stuff!