Brainstorming Technique

You need to make a breakthrough in your work, but there are no any new ideas to come into your mind, all them are trivial, old-style, already used…One proven method in the fight against “not knowing where to start” is using the brainstorming session. Brain Storm is all you need to generate infinite, instant ideas: brainstorming is the ultimate in creative technology and it has the power to create and explode dynamic, dynamite ideas, so that you can develop new ways of looking at things.How brain storm can help and what it can do for you? There seems to be a popular belief that creating ideas is a difficult task: that creativity is a mystical art, known only to a select ‘chosen few’ and that it takes years of tortuous study to learn how to do it. Anybody at all can come up with a fantastic, original idea: anybody can brain storm! Creativity is easy, if you use brain storm software. Everybody can learn how to do it.

A quick brainstorming session will boost your creativity in a flash and help to speed you on your way to victory!

Brain Storm Step by Step

  1. Define your problem or issue.
  2. Write out the problem concisely and make sure that everyone understands the problem and is in agreement with the way it is worded
  3. Give yourselves a time limit. For this limit everyone’s ideas must be got out.
  4. Once the brainstorming starts, participants shout out solutions to the problem while the facilitator writes them down – usually on a white board, or use brain storm software. There must be absolutely no criticizing of ideas. No matter how daft, how impossible or how silly an idea is, it must be written down.
  5. Once your time is up, select the five ideas, which you like best. Make sure everyone involved in the brainstorming session is in agreement.
  6. Write down about five criteria for judging which ideas best solve your problem. Criteria should start with the word “should”.
  7. Give each idea a score of 0 to 5 points depending on how well it meets each criterion. Once all of the ideas have been scored for each criterion, add up the scores.

The idea with the highest score will best solve your problem. But you should keep a record of all of your best ideas and their scores in case your best idea turns out not to be workable.

Individual Brain Storm

When you brainstorming on your own you will tend to produce a wider range of ideas than with group brainstorming – you do not have to worry about other people’s egos or opinions, and can therefore be more freely creative. You may not, however, develop ideas as effectively as you do not have the experience of a group to help you.

When brainstorming on your own, it can be helpful to use brain storm software. Useful way of doing this is to use computer-based mind mapping software.

Group Brain Storm

Group brainstorming can be very effective as it uses the experience and creativity of all members of the group. When individual members reach their limit on an idea, another member’s creativity and experience can take the idea to the next stage. Therefore, group brain storm tends to develop ideas in more depth than individual brainstorming

Brain storm in a group can be risky for individuals. Valuable but strange suggestions may appear stupid at first sight. Because of such, you need to chair sessions tightly so that uncreative people do not crush these ideas and leave group members feeling humiliated. This is the concept of brain storm.

Mind Mapping in Brain storm

One of the best ways to begin the brainstorming process is working with images. When Albert Einstein was once asked how he began his writings, he explained that he constructed pictures in his mind, images that moved around one another. In this way he crystallized his ideas and later wrote them down. One of most important of all brainstorming tools is the Mind Map. Mind Mapping is an important technique that helps you to take notes, and enhances your creative problem solving. Using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject. This helps you to make associations easily. If you find out more information after you have drawn the main Mind Map, then you can easily integrate it with little disruption.

The brain storm software helps your to build the professional Mind Maps. There are a lot of the brain storm software. So you must have right understanding of what class of brain storm software do you need. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is known to be an effective brain storm software. This software is quite professional and have a good balance between price and features. So you need a good professional Brain Storm Software we recomend you ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Source: Leading Project